The special purpose of the Christian Bürkert Stiftung is the advancement of young people who stand out due to their professional skills, sense of responsibility and dynamics and who are personally committed to the interests of the general public; it also supports the fulfilment of other non-profit tasks.

The Christian Bürkert Stiftung is primarily a charitable foundation, but also has resources for direct involvement.

Education, care, science and research

The Christian Bürkert Stiftung promotes education and care; it also supports vocational and advanced training as well as scientific work, in particular in the natural sciences and technology. The foundation supports international exchange programmes and encounters that promote scientific exchange and understanding of cultures.

Other charitable purposes

The Christian Bürkert Stiftung promotes social welfare and health, particularly in working with youths, seniors and people with disabilities.  The foundation supports the activities of religious communities that are corporations under public law and also promotes art, culture and the protection of historical monuments.

Funding is decided by the Board of Trustees of the Christian Bürkert Stiftung.